Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Detox

I just finished the most hilarious, honest book I've read in a while.  In Poser, Claire Dederer exhibited a slight irreverence, which I find quite charming, and included some strategically placed f-bombs (guilty pleasure) that will really knock your socks off.  If you're new to yoga, a woman, or a new mom, you should totally read it.  Even if you're not one of those things, you should still check it out.  Here's just a taste...this passage reminds me of my husband and me:
Now I am going to tell you the secret to a lasting marriage:  Choose a spouse who needs to eat as often as you do. Bruce and I are like toddlers on a big day out.  We need a snack, no matter where we are going or how long we are going to be gone.  If we are headed out for dinner, we bring a baggie of cut-up cheese for the car ride to the restaurant.  It's a good thing we never became stoners because the grocery bills alone would've killed us.
In other news, tomorrow I will be starting a 7-day detox guided by Yoga Journal.  The detox is supposed to help boost immunity as well as prepare your body for the advent of Fall (which seems to be fast-approaching--yay scarves!).  Another intention of the detox is to reduce stress and stimulation by slowing down a bit--not to mention taking time for meditation and yoga practice.  I'm hoping to carve out some 'space' for myself.  Maybe I'll even dabble in some self-reflection. 

This isn't one of those deals where you drink cayenne pepper and lemon juice until smoke comes out your ears and your cheeks permanently pucker.  I will be eating (because I would die if I didn't).  The reason I'm telling y'all out there in the blogosphere about this is because the detox includes specific Ayurvedic recipes (this is a food blog, after all).  I expected to spend half my morning in the kitchen today preparing the food in advance.  I made three recipes in just 45 minutes though.  I'm a little nervous that the kitchari will get old after two days and I'll still have to keep eating it all week long.  The coriander chutney is really crazy and will be a nice garnish for the kitchari.  Thankfully, I will also be eating steamed vegetables, fresh apples, and avocado throughout the week too.  Can't go wrong with fresh avocado. 

Still, please send me encouraging thoughts over the next 7 days so that I can keep going with the detox well after I've gotten sick of rice & mung beans & broth.

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