Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here goes...

Hello there and welcome to Om Om Good, the food/yoga/life blog where I'll share recipes, meditations, yoga poses, frugal tips, food-sights (that's like an insight with food) and whatever else tickles my fancy.  Despite sitting at a desk all day at work and then teaching yoga at night, I'm always studying and learning and trying out new things.  I’m a teacher at heart, or at least a ‘passer on-er’ so I’ll be passing on my successes as well as my failures (i.e. there’s no getting around parchment paper; if a recipe calls for it, use it or you may lose half of your meringue cookie to a supposedly nonstick pan). 
I’m a vegetarian, so you won’t find any meat as you're scrolling around here.  If you’re not a vegetarian I hope you’ll stick around; maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your Meatless Monday menu or for help dealing with your pesky vegetarian relatives.

Make sure you check out the calendar over there to see when I'll be teaching yoga and for other yoga-type events; like this Saturday, Sangita Devi is playing at the Glowing Body at 7pm and it's going to be awesome!  Maybe I'll see you there.

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